About us

“In the name of Allah the most Merciful and most Beneficent” Thanks to Almighty Allah for blessing us with fame and dignity in the field of Hajj & Umrah Services. We started this noble business in 2001 when registered as “Al-Habib Tours & Travels International” and kept on providing Hajj and Umrah Services with great sense of responsibility and professionalism. In 2004 we were among the first batch of companies which were registered as Private Hajj Group Organizer with Ministry of Religious affairs and accordingly allotted quota for Hajj 2004. Mr. Qazi Muhammad Jamil, Chief Executive of the company, is the most experienced/energetic and seasoned operator. With an efficient and dedicated team of staff, the system has been progressing day by day and now the stage has come (by the grace of Almighty Allah) that Al-Habib is one of the most famous and leading companies in the field of Hajj and Umrah Services. Our active participation in Hajj and Umrah Services reveals from the fact that our Chief Executive Mr. Qazi Muhammad Jamil had been office bearer of HOAP(Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan) and central executive body member for several years After announcement of Hajj Policy and allotment of Hajj quota, we announce our Hajj Package. The package includes expenditure, facilities, commitments and responsibilities for that particular Hajj. Alhamd-o-Lillah, we not only keep our promises, instead give much more and better than what we commit.

Qazi Jamil


Abdul Hafeez Khalid


Mudakkir Hafeez


Ammar Bin Jamil

IT Manager

Muhammad Awais Qazi

K.S. Branch Manager

M.Israr Ahmed

Ahmed Kaleem Qazi

G.K. Branch Manager

Amjad Ali

Sakhawat Hussain

Umrah/Ticketing Manager

Mohsin Iqbal

Muhammad Irfan Qazi

Computer Operator G.K Branch